Born and raised in Tyler, Texas, Jim Ray Wyly has been writing and singing for 40 years or so. After going to school in Nacogdoches at SFA and a period in Houston, he moved to the Central Texas Area around 1972 and has been in the Austin/San Antonio Area since.

He has a unique animated soulful delivery that captures a room as soon as he begins to sing. Ranging from Folk to Rock, he writes with no particular genre in mind. His subject matter could be anything from everyday experiences, legends, down home philosophies or a study in human behavior. Then there is always the old reliable love songs.

"Jim Ray Wyly can't be boxed in, he's country, he's folk, he has a blues-edge, there's some rock and a lot of Texas. After playing, leading and writing for several years with his band "Movin' Target" and then "The Lunar Rollers", he decided to try to walk down some new avenues and concentrate on some of his songwriting. He's hoping to soon release a new solo work. There are always several projects going on, presently doing solo and band projects.
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